What is a go-to-market strategy?

You’ve got a surefire idea. Maybe it’s for a brand new business, or perhaps just a new product or service at your current company. Whatever it is, to make your dream a reality, you need a go-to-market strategy.

The go-to-market strategy is an action plan that outlines the steps an organization will take to launch its product in the marketplace, achieve its key value propositions, satisfy customers, and meet its revenue and profit targets. It helps define the ideal customers and specifies how a company will go about releasing a new product, promoting it, and ultimately selling it to its customers.

The following elements comprise a product’s go-to-market strategy:

  • Methods and channels of sales
  • Training the sales and support team
  • Pricing strategy
  • Budget for product launch and marketing

The go-to-market strategy is an action plan that outlines the steps an organization will take to launch its product in the marketplace

Benefits of Using GTM Framework

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How to Raise Money for Startup?

Even the most creative ideas or business plans can only help a startup business progress so far. To grow a business, it is inevitable that you will need funding.

Launching any business requires capital investment, whether the startup is any type of MSME or large enterprise. There’s a need to purchase equipment, rent offices, hire staff, and, most importantly, grow. 

So unless you’re independently wealthy, you will require outside capital to do these things.

But where to start? If you’re wondering how and when to raise money for a business, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide to startup funding, we’ve compiled a list of some business fundraising channels you can take advantage of. 

Fundraising is a necessary and sometimes painful task most startups must periodically endure.

Why raise money?

Funding refers to the money required to start and run a business. It is a financial investment in a company for product development, manufacturing, expansion, sales and marketing, office spaces, and inventory.

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How to take a business idea forward?

While many people have great business ideas, a small percentage of those actually follow through on them.

You just came up with a great new business idea – so now what?

If you are intent on getting your idea off the ground, this article is for you! 

While coming up with great ideas isn’t easy, putting those ideas into action is much more difficult. In order to turn your dreams about the next best service or product into a tangible, valuable reality, you need to take the right steps.

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What is a startup company?

Is a startup a company that has just started? Is it a smaller version of a large corporation? Is a startup a tech company necessarily and is every new tech company a startup?

With some startup or the other raising eye-popping investments from big venture capital firms every other day, there’s a lot of interest in and noise around startups. And there’s an equal amount of confusion as to what they really are. This article takes a look at all the things that make a startup a startup, beginning with answering the question: What is a startup company?

Startup employees sitting around a table with laptops
A startup is a young company with many unique features.

Table of Contents

A. Definitions of a startup (including under the Startup India initiative)

B. Difference between a startup and a small business

C. Difference between a startup and a mature company

D. Features of a startup

  1. Innovation
  2. Growth intent
  3. Business model
  4. Uncertainty
  5. Risk
  6. Funding
  7. Exit

E. Common questions about startups

  1. Are only tech firms considered startups? Is every tech company a startup?
  2. How do startups get funding? Does every startup need external funding?
  3. How many founders should a startup have?
  4. What are the stages of a startup?
  5. When does a startup stop being a startup?
  6. What is a unicorn startup?